SBG Belfast are keeping up tradition this year, with their annual “Roll-a-thon” taking place this Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of September. The aim is to bring awareness to men’s mental health and addiction, in conjunction with the charity Inspire.

The term “Roll-a-thon” basically means that they will be demoing technique and rolling or “light sparring” consistently between the times of 4PM – 10PM on Friday and 10AM-4PM on Saturday. Anyone who knows Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), understands the challenge of this as even 5-10 minutes of sparring can be a lot of fun, but also exhausting.

The Team aims to pull it together along with members of other clubs, Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, RMNU and Queens Dlr Bjj and hopes to raise a huge £5000 for Inspire. This would double last years raised figure of £2500, which the club raised for the charity Belfast Help for the Homeless.

Friday marks one of Belfast’s biggest nights, Culture Night, where free public events are scattered all over the city attracting over 100,000 people. There are numerous events, musicians and artists showcasing their talents in wonderful ways and makes a fantastic back drop for the local BJJ community to showcase their own art of Jiu Jitsu, but bringing with them a greater message.

Suicide is one of the biggest killers in men under 45 in the UK and with the correct awareness and support we can all play our part in helping people overcome any obstacles they may be facing in life. Inspire mental health works with and for people with mental illness, and provide much needed support to the many people affected, and is something we can all get behind.


“We all know and feel the benefits of martial arts for a person’s mental well-being and moreover how we would feel without it, I feel it is a charity very close to our hearts” – Damien Mulgrave, Head Coach at SBG Belfast


Please show your support for the club, and the charity by dropping by The Spirit of Belfast sculpture in Corn Market during the roll-a-thon. Any, and all proceeds will go straight to the charity and help Inspire continue with their fantastic work.

More information on the charity can be found at:


You can also show your support on SBGs just giving page: