It has to be said that people are weird. Humans are a weird species. The individuality, the need to better someone or something, the competition, the love or the lack of love and the unique journeys to name a few “weirds”.

But why? Why do people do what they do? what makes people tick? what makes the most successful athlete become a household name, an icon and a role model? Everyone has the vision of an easy path to fame and fortune, but that’s never really the case, is it?

Not knowing what you want to do in life is a very common thing and blindly perusing a career or job is something a lot of us can relate to along with the frustrations and baggage it brings.

The high life seems far away when observing from the comfort of our own homes, or at our desk. It is easy to overlook the struggles and commitment that is clearly needed to achieve such success and fame of the people we look up to. The path is not all rainbows, bling and Bentley’s.

It is even easier to overlook the effort people put into their passions locally. Your typical Joe that is much easier to relate to than the superstars from the million dollar TV adverts and big name brands. You see them walking to and from their gym everyday, always with a big kit bag and a clear purpose about themselves.

What makes them tick? What’s their story? Everyone knows someone who exercises a lot, and trains, trains specifically in Brazilian Jiu Juitsu. It is a fast growing sport, and with reason. I started my BJJ career over a year now and haven’t looked back. The peace, the respect, the community, the family spirit that you get within small clubs keeps pulling everyone back for more.

BJJ is an infectious sport. On the mats it may look savage, but off the mats there is a pace that is unmatched. It brings peace and control to peoples lives, it allows people to grow in many different ways, and from all walks of life. When you come into a club for the first time, people are always willing to make a new friend or help you anyway possible. Everyone is generous with their knowledge and are keen to share new moves or techniques. There is no discrimination, there is no intimidation, there is no sense of fear and because of the belt system, everyone knows where they stand. You earn your stripes and belts as you progress and you learn a lot.

Onlookers might see it as stupid.They might never even consider trying it out. “Oh I’m not the fighting type”or “that look’s mental!” are some things I’ve head people say when BJJ is mentioned. It can be easy to take this stance if you have only looked on from afar. But it is much more than grappling and choking people. The benefits I have received from my one year and a few months BJJ career, I would never have got else where. It has opened up a lot for me personally, and it is still surprising me more and more.

BJJ teaches you things that cannot be learned from a book, it opens up your primal side and allows you to control emotions, something that in my opinion is often suppressed in life’s expectations. Being caught in a bad position time and time again, teaches you to become comfortable in the uncomfortable. You become physically stronger and mentally stronger. This has an affect that spills over into daily life and clears your thinking mind. It is like relaxation for the whole body. You forget about all the hustle and bustle of your day, all the crap is left at the door and you begin to make clearer decisions with a better overall outlook. Your general health is improved. Your body starts to waken up to what it is supposed to do and you feel amazing!

It is hard to get across one reason why BJJ is for you, it works wonders, it literally changes perspectives for so many people, all in different ways. We want to find out the affect BJJ has on our local athletes, the average Joe, the man or woman that has been training and the impact it has had on them and their lifestyle. We want to uncover the hidden struggles and commitment of local BJJ athletes and open up the BJJ community to everyone.